Ioannis Theodorou

Ioannis (aka John) Theodorou is a football match analyst and Founder of the Tactics Lab.

Opionionated and coming at sport and performance analysis from a completely fresh and innovative angle, he'll be bringing us all of the latest sports news and debates, video analyses, and telling us what he really thinks about the athletes' perfomances, fitness and tactics.

'Unbiased, honest and upfront... whoever the team, whoever the player, it doesn't matter. With no holds barred and the stats to back it up, Ioannis will be bringing the world of sport to light in a whole new way; discussing the team formations; individual performance, improvement and deterioration; how managers' tactical approaches can make or break even the best players' performances - more than we realise! -  and much more. It's an unmissible read!'

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